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Interested in Full Long Eye Lashes?
Watch this Video to find out how!

Grow your own lashes long, full and beautiful with Babe Lash Eyelash serum! You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of your time getting "Lash Extensions." You do not have to apply coat after coat of irritating mascara to get longer, fuller lashes. You just apply the serum once daily in the evening to your lash base and watch your lovely lashes grow! A three month supply retails for $45.

Advanced Healing Haircare Products
Atarah Hair Design, Co. is thrilled to be one of the select few hair salons in the Tri-Cities area that is using the L'ANZA HEALING COLOR® Professional hair color system and we are now retailing the highest quality L'ANZA haircare products for our clients.
What is L'ANZA? 
L’ANZA Healing Haircare
Heals - Seals - Protects

Key Benefits

  • Heals the Hair - Exclusive L’ANZA Keratin Healing System heals damage while creating manageable styles at the same time. 
  • Preserves Haircolor - Healing locks in haircolor and prevents fading. 
  • Triple UV Protection - The first and only styling products that block all three UV rays, even the most damaging UVC! 
  • Thermal Protection - Cactus Extract provides an extra measure of thermal protection, preventing damage from blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. Virtually all Healing Style products provide thermal protection up to 500*F / 260*C. 
  • Rainforest Botanicals - Nature provides shine and unbeatable hold! These botanicals provide long-lasting hold without cracking, flaking, or sticky residue. 

Healing Color
L'ANZA HEALING COLOR® is the only hair color that heals, seals and protects using our exclusive Flower Shield Complex and Keratin Healing System for richer, longer-lasting color.

Healing & Protecting Earth

L’ ANZA Healing HairCare Commitment…

  • Packaging made from recycled materials 
  • Packaging is recyclable 
  • Organic & Wildcrafted Botanicals 
  • Highest Quality & Safe Ingredients 
  • Clean Air Formulas 
  • No Carcinogens 
  • No Animal Testing

L'ANZA products are distributed throughout the world and sold exclusively in professional salons.

Other Products We Use
We also feature Biolage Hair Care: Shampoo, Conditioners, Styling Products and Leave-In Treatments by Matrix.

In addition, we use products from Sexy Hair Concepts including Sexy Hair Temporary Highlights which is an alternative to permanent color that creates fun and bold looks without the commitment!

We offer these and other hair care products that we use, including Bosley Pro and American Crew, for retail sale.

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